New avenues for VitaGum

June 20, 2021

VitaGum was developed with the needs of refugees at heart, but our advisors and champions have flagged a number of other application areas where the format and formulation of VitaGum can make a difference. The formula can be adapted to meet specific vitamin needs, and the format makes it easy to comply - providing essential dental health benefits at the same time.

People living with drug addictions

The similarities between the vitamin deficiencies and dental health issues between refugees and people with drug addictions are striking. People with drug addictions has a life expectancy 20 year below average, and diet plays a key role in this. 75% of people with drug addictions have severe, and completely treatable deficiencies. We believe VitaGum can be an effective solution. Gum is highly reported to be popular in this population. 

People with various mental health disorders

VitaGum also has features that makes it useful within the field of nutritional psychiatry, for example for populations with dementia, bulemia/anorexia, and schitzhoprehia. They have in common a widespread vitamin deficiency, report high usage of gum, and have dental health issues that require better care. Compliance is a key issue, making VitaGum a great substitute for vitamin tablets.

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